April 16, 2009

The Temper Of Tiger: It's Far Over-Stated

Over at Real Women Golf, Heather writes a wonderful riposte to The Huffington Post's article, "Why Tiger Woods Is Bad for Golf," by Ron Galloway. Galloway claims that Woods behavior on the golf course is unsuitable for junior golfers and that Tiger Woods is "bad for golf" because of the way he acts in the heat of competition.

I suppose that Galloway is unaware of Woods' work with First Tee, and that he is an inspirational hero to kids because he is a living example of the level of success that can be achieved by good ole dedication and hard work. Those are the examples that Woods best represents: achieving success through his work and giving back to the game that has given him so much.

I think Heather's post puts it best, because as the parent of junior golfers, she is "in the trenches" so to speak:

"I am a mother. I am a golfer. And I am far from perfect. Further, I admit to having uttered a four letter word (or two) on the course from time to time. I am very restrained when playing with Golfing Son and Golfing Daughter, but I have "slipped" on occasion. Apparently, Mr. Galloway is a much more properly disciplined person than I am.

"I actually remember an incident a couple years ago when Golfing Son missed a putt on an family golf outing. He threw his hat on the ground (coincidentally a Tiger Woods hat), stomped off the green and said, "Damn It!" I glared at Hubbie because I knew exactly where GS learned that stellar move. We had a little "chat" about proper behavior on the course, and I am proud to report the incident has not been repeated.

"However, I do not believe Mr. Woods or any other golfer is responsible for GS's behavior."

Well-stated, and I cannot agree with Heather more in either her opinion and how she handled the situation with her son. That was good parenting, something seemingly in increasingly short supply from some of the behavior I have seen recently.

My Take:

Galloway needs to go to the entrance of a coal mine, then take a look at their rear ends and see if they can determine the difference between the two. If you know what I am saying.

Tiger Woods' temper is probably more well known that other PGA pros simply because he is on television far more often than any other PGA pro out there.

Here is what a survey of the PGA Tour pros revealed when they were asked who had the worst temper on their tour:

  1. Pat Perez: 28 percent
  2. Woody Austin: 24 percent
  3. Steve Flesch: 12 percent
Note who is not listed in the top three -- and this is a survey conducted by players who see and hear everything when they are on the course with their fellow players.

Tell me, how many times do you recall Perez losing his cool? Rarely because Perez is rarely in contention. That's not hard to understand, but apparently that escapes those who only follow golf peripherally.

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