April 20, 2009

Bill Murray Doinks a Spectator And Still Makes Her Laugh

A hooked drive got away from comedian Bill Murray during the Outback Pro-Am down in Florida last week, and it found a spectator watching the tournament from her back yard. Unfortunately, when people line the edges of the fairways in golf tournaments, this happens, and sooner or later even top-flight pros accidentally hit someone.

Murray, however, showed some real courtesy and class when he found out what had happened, and "came over and laid down on the ground with me and he was very concerned, asking if I was OK," [Gayle Dimaggio] said. "Once he knew I was OK and not seriously hurt, then he started joking with me, asking how many fingers he was holding up."

Ms. DiMaggio only asked Murray to sign a copy of "Caddyshack" for her, which I'm sure that he will be gracious enough to do. And maybe let her keep his wayward ball as a souvenir too.

Don't know about you, but Bill Murray making jokes with me would make just about any pain go away, save for pain in my gut from laughing so hard. Murray is a genuinely good guy and has been a great ambassador for the game of golf. I think every guy who's ever swung a stick has imitated Carl Spackler, the infamous character from Caddyshack as played by Murray.

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  1. Very few could get away with a strike like that. Mr. Murray is certainly one of them.


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