April 13, 2009

A Perfect Weekend: Walking Off The Course When The Masters Comes On TV

Spring was not perfect only in Augusta this weekend, as the southeastern US generally had a crystalline blue sky and perfect conditions. Temperatures were in the low 70', greens were soft, fairways fast and the winds, for a change, gentle and not howling. The Tifway Bermuda is waking up, making most courses a mix of winter leftovers and fresh green, with emerald islands at the end of the fairways. In short, it was gorgeous.

Fortunately for me, I also had two 10:09 tee times, which I took full advantage of.

There's nothing like finishing up on 18, driving ten houses down the street and watching a round of The Masters in high definition and surround sound with a cool beverage of choice -- beer on Saturday and Sunday, a concoction of Fidel's finest Cuban Rhum Agricole, fresh lime, and mint fresh from the garden. Hemmingway would have approved, and clinked my glass as we enjoyed our version La Bodeguita del Medio's Mojito. The bar is still in Havana, if you ever are that way, and they say Ernesto's spirit fills the place.

The tournament spoke for itself, with the most deserving golfer getting the green jacket, and as for me, well, let's just say I'm quite pleased by the swing changes I've made over the winter and am now ready to take my game to a new level.

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