April 3, 2009

Flight 1549 Survivors Given Replacement Clubs by Acushnet

Back in January, Jim Stefanik, Jorge Morgado, Jeff and Rob Kolodjay, Rick Delisle and Dave Carlos were heading to Myrtle Beach for their annual golf trip.

They never made it to the Grand Strand. Their trip was far shorter -- they were on the ill-fated Flight 1549 only made it to the Hudson River after departing Laguardia Airport. While providence spared them their lives or serious injury, their golf clubs were lost.

Good fortune came to these men again, as this week Acushnet, the parent company for Titleist (among others) replaced their clubs at a custom fitting section at the company's headquarters.

"We knew that they had lost everything, so we reached out to them," [Acushnet Director of Communications Joe] Gomes said. "One of them, Jim Stefanik, is an assistant club professional at one of our accounts, Edgewood Country Club in Southwick. We found out they had rescheduled their trip for April 20, so we invited them to come down."

"Each man received new clubs, shoes, hats and gloves Thursday, courtesy of the Acushnet Co. Each club was customized to its user, thanks to the cutting-edge technology deployed at the secluded test site, where every strike is tracked by radar."
Like I said the other day, golf doesn't build character, it reveals it. In this case, it was the character of a company like Acushnet.

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  1. Watch for that equipment on eBay next week. I'm sure they all hit the new Mizuno MX200 irons and the Taylor Made R9, a Scotty Cameron Newport putter, adidas shoes and Ping hats.

    Nice gesture. Like you said - decency...!


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