April 24, 2009

My Usual Game: Goal Accomplished, Sort Of

I went out yesterday for a sunset round after work with no expectations and no pressure. Since there was a foursome in front of me as I took to the first hole, I decided to play the two golf balls in my pocket: a Bridgestone Tour and Pro V1X, and gather two scores at the same time.

The first hole was rough because I didn't head to the range to warm up and as a result my drives were...awful, and I took a beating. After a deep sigh and a moment's relaxation, I dropped the second pair onto the smooth carpet and started playing better.

Finally, on the eighth, I noticed a nice scorecard was under construction. Not thinking too much about it, I finished up as the sun touched the rim of the horizon and added up my scores in the gloaming. This is the uncorrected version - the 40 is actually a 39, and I fixed it before entering them, but breaking 80 with my "new" swing has happened.

Now it is time to make it happen again. And after that, nearly every time I hit the links.

Golf is an easy games some day. I bet a throw a 95 out this afternoon now that expectations will creep in once again.


  1. Didja post both nine-hole scores, big boy??

    And check fast, because they will disappear from your scoring record almost immediately...

    Any ball preference? Distance? Playability?

  2. Did I post both scores? You betcha. As soon as I got to the clubhouse...but I of course posted the correct scores. Hey, I want my handicap to go down, ASAP, because when I went through the swing changes over the winter, it zoomed up because I had far less repeatability and the playing conditions were far tougher.

    Ball preference? I decided I like the Pro V1's feel. It's reliable to me.

    Distance? About the same.

    Playability? Pro V1 gets the slightest nod, because I like its feel off of the putter face.


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