July 16, 2009

Will The Open Championship Get "Cheeky" In 2009?

Tradition abounds everywhere in The Open Championship. It begins with a piece of seaside real estate with utter wilderness off of its fairways, half-gales howling and frigid rain slashing horizontally through players and spectators who pretend not to notice all the way to the presentation of The Claret Jug, and ending with the heartfelt speech to the audience from the Champion Golfer of the Year.

One recent Open tradition that has yet to happen thus far in this young 2009 Open is the full display of someone's "personal wilderness" as they run across a fairway or green with nothing more than a smile and policemen chasing them. Will it happen this year? Who knows. Today was not only a perfect day for golf by Scottish standards, it was also a perfect day for a quick run in the buff if one were so inclined, but it, along with extremely low scores, just didn't happen.

We've barely started this Open, so there's plenty of time left...for everything.

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  1. Yes, lots of time left in a tourney known for the unexpected.


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