July 1, 2009

Brown Deer Park, Home of US Bank Tournament, Damaged By Vandals

The course that's the site of the PGA Tour's US Bank Championship (July16-19) was damaged by vandals a mere two weeks prior to the tournament.

WTMJ AM 620 Report

"Vandals tore up a green at the site of an upcoming PGA golf tournament, just two weeks before the event.

"It happened at the 17th hole at the Brown Deer Park Golf Course, home of the U.S. Bank Championship to be held July 16-19.

"The 17th hole was badly damaged, just two weeks before the annual PGA event.

"The damage was likely done by motorcycles."

What possesses some people to destroy something for no good reason is simply beyond me. The tournament The Tour's only stop in Wisconsin, the US Bank Championship donates 100% of its net profit to charity, with this year's main recipient being the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, one of the highest rated pediatric centers in the country. Essentially, if the tournament is harmed, kids in dire straits are also hurt, and in my view that's simply unconscionable.

The grounds crew is working diligently to restore the damaged areas in time for the tournament. According the to the Milwaukee Journal

"About 60% of the putting surface on No. 17 was damaged by vandals on the night of June 23, according to tournament director Dan Croak. The damage likely was caused by a motorcycle or motorcycles.

"I got the call early Wednesday morning (June 24) from Tim," [tournament director Dan] Croak said, referring to course superintendent Tim Wegner. "My reaction was extreme disappointment."

"Wegner and Brian Zimmerman, chief of operations for Milwaukee County Parks, immediately formulated a plan for repairing the damaged turf. They pooled resources from the parks department and even borrowed equipment from local private clubs.

"At this point we're operating under the assumption it will be playable for the tournament. It may not be pretty and it may not be perfect," Croak said.

The tournament already faces an uncertain future, as it will lose its title sponsorship from US Bank after this year with none in the wings to take its place. Its current slot on the PGA Tour schedule against the Open Championship, along with low attendance and TV ratings, were reasons cited by U.S. Bank for pulling out of the event.

(photo: Milwaukee Journal)



  1. What a shame. And I can only imagine the disapointment, after all the months of caring for the course, to find it senslessly destroyed.

  2. I wish there were cameras so these losers could be identified and arrested.


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