July 23, 2009

Travel: The High Hampton Inn, Cashiers, NC

Roughly equidistant from the metropolitan centers of Atlanta and Charlotte is a quaint throwback-style golf and country club resort in Cashiers, North Carolina -- The High Hampton Inn.

High Hampton is designed for guest to get away from it all, and once there, it is easily accomplished. Guests should go knowing that they will not be surrounded by modern amenities, nor will they be confronted by a confounding championship golf course. High Hampton Inn does not have crass commercialism or high tech gadgetry in their rooms, in fact, they do not have televisions, much less high speed Internet service. There are no casinos, glittering lights, designer salons or the like, instead, there is the rustic beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a hotel listed in the National Register of Historic Places and quite a number of recreational activities available, including a fine golf course that even a player new to the game can enjoy.

High Hampton also has preserved the best traditions of the old school country club, save for the false exclusion and snootiness : dinner guests are expected to dress appropriately, meaning jacket and tie for men and something more than casual wear for women. Some may look at this as an inconvenience, but when a couple of a family is dressed to the nines for a sumptuous meal with impeccable service, it becomes an event, and one to remember at that.

The course is challenging for golfers of all levels, but is especially kind to people who are not experts at the game. Only 6,012 yards (from the tips) High Hampton was designed by George S. Cobb and features an island green on its 8th hole (pictured above), and was once ranked by Golf Digest as one of 'America's Great Golf Holes.' It was once remarked that if one were to go on a golfing honeymoon, this would be the place, because the new husband and wife would surely not argue over any frustrations on the course. While High Hampton is easy on beginners, if one is a low-handicapper, they shouldn't be fooled into thinking that going low is easy -- precision is required to score, and putts require careful attention if they are going to dive down into the hole. A good score is a score well-earned, and by the end of the round, one will feel satisfied with the day and their game.

In addition to golf, there is tennis, canoeing and raft of other activities, and of course, relaxation away from the summer heat of the flat lands in the sultry south.

Best of all, High Hampton Inn is affordable to most budgets, and a long weekend or a week will not break the bank nor require a renegotiation of available credit from the bank.

It is a place that offers the best kind relaxation: by removing our modern distractions and in a stunningly beautiful setting, it is easier to focus on the things that are truly important: each other and family. There are few better places than High Hampton to accomplish exactly that.

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  1. does "OH MY !!" Count as an official comment ? That place looks amazing - and just a couple of hours from here.


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