July 18, 2009

Since 1977, Things Have Changed, Except Tom Watson

In 1977:
  • Jimmy Carter was the new president of the US.

  • The Cold War was still being waged between the west and the USSR.
  • People listened to music on albums, not CD's.

  • Few people had VCR's and there was no such thing as DVDs.

  • Nobody had a cellphone.

  • Personal computers were extremely expensive and less than 5,000 people had one. Apple Computer was incorporated in 1977, IBM had yet to create the PC.
  • The Internet would not be created for another four years.

  • Saturday Night Fever was a smash hit movie.

  • Disco was extremely popular.

  • Luke Donald was born in July.

  • Tiger Woods was one year old.

  • And Tom Watson was The Open Champion at Turnberry.
Obviously, things have changed, but one thing hasn't: Tom Watson is still a great golfer and he will try to win the Open Championship for the sixth time tomorrow.

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  1. I got married in 1977 and wasn't playing (at) golf yet, but, I remember "The Duel."

    If I hear someone say Tom Watson choked yesterday, I'll choke them. Even if he did..!!


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