July 29, 2009

The Greenbrier Resort Wants The Spot Soon To Be Vacated By The Buick Open

Golfweek is reporting that the Greenbrier Resort, located in SE West Virginia, is making a strong bid to take over the slot soon to be vacated by the Buick Open.
"Golfweek has learned that The Greenbrier, the venerable mountain retreat recently rescued from financial straits, is awaiting confirmation from the Tour to join the schedule for 2010. The West Virginia resort would replace the Buick Open, which this week will end a 51-year run on Tour, according to two sources familiar with The Greenbrier’s operations who requested anonymity."
First opened in 1778, The Greenbrier Resort boasts a huge luxury hotel, three championship golf courses and a plethora of first-class amenities. It has hosted the Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup and other events, and golfing legend Sam Snead was its long-time pro.

In fact, guests could even play The Slammer while visiting, Snead would take on challengers willing to place a wager with him -- which of course he usually would easily win. Many considered it an honorarium to walk a few holes with a bona fide golfing legend, while the penny-pinching Snead undoubtedly considered it an easy way to make a little walking money. Both parties were almost always satisfied by the arrangement.

Every president who has played golf has played at The Greenbrier, and in fact, the resort was once the top-secret location that the US Government would relocate itself to were a nuclear war to break out and Washington DC was attacked. An underground facility was built on the site of additional hotel construction, from 1959 to 1962. For thirty years, The Greenbrier maintained an agreement with the federal government that the entire resort property would be conveyed to government use in the event of a national emergency. In 1992, after a Washington Post story revealed the existance of the facility, it was declassified and closed, and today still exists as a Cold War artifact that hotel guests may tour.


  1. After the Greenbrier is sold out of rooms, where do these people stay? Is there access for the masses? I flew in with a private plane and runway won't holf jets unless they changed it.

    Greenbrier is a fabulous resort and the courses are first class. Do you have a preference?

  2. Vince, I like the White Course, it is the most challenging in my opinion.

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