July 7, 2009

Upcoming Wisconsin Tournament Names "Miss Beer Cart" for the Year

It takes more than a pretty face and a winsome smile to win the title of Miss Beer Cart in Wisconsin. The winner will be crowned after a competition where

[D]rivers compete against one another in different events that involve speed and neatness on the beer cart, driving tests that include speed, agility and accuracy and also a question and answer session with our selected judges. Before the event begins, a long drive competition is held between the beer cart drivers. This is done on an amphitheater like setting on the first tee. Once the event begins, each driver gets her turn on the beverage cart. Votes are tallied during dinner based upon pre-round competitions, long drive challenge and service during the event.

The spoils of victory?

The winner will enjoy the crown of Miss Beer Cart Wisconsin for one year and may be asked to represent the Pageant at various events. We provide participation awards and cash prizes for the winning participants.

Alongside the competition will be a Captain's Choice tournament for the fellows, who I suppose will be served by the contestants. And if the ladies in the contest are as attractive and as good at their jobs as are the ladies here at Eagle Ridge, it should be a tough competition indeed....and a fun day for everyone.


  1. Bonus points will be awarded for contestants that can get 50 yr old men to heap extra tips upon them for making them believe she finds them remotely attracive.

  2. I went to college in Wisconsin and somehow missed this event entirely. What a hoot!


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