November 16, 2009

Twittering During An Eternal Round

During a five-and-a-half hour round yesterday, I found the time to Twitter my opinion a few times out on the course. Needless to say, I was a little less than pleased by the glacial pace of some folks that would probably have done better out on the range working on their swings.

Then, to top it off, our weekly Nassau was getting interesting, and when I was on the tee lining up for a shot to a par-3, the ranger was taking a phone call and chatting up a friend about the day's football scores. Nice guy, but he should have known better.


  1. That's too funny. But do you wish that group in front and the marshall could read what you were saying ?

  2. I tweet during rounds during delays. I've taken the Bobby Knight to Connie Chung approach to slow play - "If you're going to get raped, may as well lay back and enjoy it."

  3. Hack makes a good point. Sometimes there is nothing you can do. If the day is glorious this time of year, the course is packed.

    Our Tuesday Ladies Days are SO SLOW, but fun. I text smack to other players during down times. Stuff like,"We're 14 under, how about you?" or "You won't believe it, Ethel just had her first birdie ever AND she gets three strokes."

  4. Tweeting during rounds? You people really don't take golf seriously do you. Personally, I'm far too focused on the essentials of the game. Like should I have a beer or a bloody mary?... is my lip gloss shiny enough?... and where did she get that diamond encrusted ball marker?

  5. oh that Patricia - always bringing us back to the realities of the game. :-D

  6. It also takes 5 1/2 hours at my club. However, that's for 36 holes.

    I can give you 100% assurance a member(s) taking anywhere near five hours for a round would be a member only for a very, very short time. Pederasts are treated with more respect.


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