November 13, 2009

Jim Nantz's New Gal Has Champagne Tastes

Jim Nantz certainly hasn't wasted much time -- getting onto the celebrity gossip pages after his divorce that is.

Here's the latest from the New York Post:

The new woman in Jim Nantz's life is Courtney Richards, 29, a vice president at IMG, which represents the CBS sportscaster. Nantz, 50, met her on a book tour last summer -- after his 26-year marriage to Lorrie Nantz had hit the rocks.

While Lorrie will get $1 million a year from Jim, Courtney was being subsidized $500 a month by her father five years ago, when she told the Wall Street Journal, "I have champagne taste on a beer budget . . . I love what I do, but the bottom line is that I'm not making enough to pay for myself." Nantz makes $7 million a year.

That Wall Street Journal article also noted dryly that Courtney had to endure some painful cutbacks while she was financially struggling in the article 'Independent At Whose Cost?'
Ms. Richards says she has made some lifestyle changes at her father's request. "For a while, she had the best-painted nails in Cleveland," George Richards says dryly. "Now she gets her nails done less often."
Oh, the things we have to do without when money is tight.

But at least now Courtney can afford to have "fingernails for the ages."


  1. Quite surprising. Jim Nantz is so wealthy and seems so self-absorbed and arrogant, you'd think he'd have found himself a more flashy gal. Courtney... at least in the couple of photos I've seen looks nothing like the stereotypical Barbie doll, trophy girlfriend. Go figure. Perhaps he WAS just looking for a soul mate... or maybe its like a commentor on The Big Lead suggested to fellow commentor who were criticizing Ms. Richard's appearance, "You guys have wayyy too high of expectations for your middle aged sports celebrities".

    As far as the nails go a visit to the nail salon every couple of weeks hardly constitutes Champagne tastes... not even in Cleveland. ;)

  2. Or....

    Way to not perpetuate a stereotype of the flak out trolling for the wealthy CEO/celeb/other to latch onto there Courtney. You've done your profession proud.

    I have to agree w/Patricia on the salon thing though. I do my mani/pedi at least monthly.

    I mean c'mon now. What are we, farmers?


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