November 6, 2009

Dottie Pepper Leaving Golf Channel

GOLFWEEK's Jim McCabe is reporting golf analyst Dottie Pepper has "chosen to leave the Golf Channel and focus solely on her NBC job" in order to "cut back on her heavy workload."

What a lot of fans may not realize is that on-air time is the culmination of a lot of effort and not an inconsiderable amount of hassle: there is pre-production preparation, travel on commercial jets, a life out of a suitcase, coupled with moving in and out of hotel rooms on a weekly basis (if not more often) -- for starters. In short, when you live on the road, everything is a challenge. It's easy to see why - after some time - one would want to cut back on their schedule if it is at all possible.

Oddly, currently, there's no mention of this on the front Golf Channel's website. One would think that they would be first in line to congratulate Dottie for a job well done.


  1. lol - gee - from xxx Golf Channel's lack of public reaction, you'd think I was the head honcho. Then again, she's not retiring, she's quitting xxx GC - I wouldn't expect a pat on the back when she's leaving.

    The people doing these broadcasts are paid handsomely to do the job they do - which includes the pre-production work AND the travel AND the life out of a suitcase. No sympathy here. There are people who work a lot harder and longer for a lot less.

    I really like her personality and the game she brought to the LPGA, but personally, I'm glad she won't be on as much. She doesn't understand the men's game, the distances they hit the ball, the shots they are capable of playing, and definitely not their green reading skills. Her constant laughing at her own "jokes" is just annoying.

    So good luck, Dottie - enjoy the time at home - I'll be enjoying the broadcasts a little more.

  2. She was fresher and more articulate when she first started and then she digressed.

    Why does this country have 40-50 top football and baseball announcers and maybe only 2-3 golf people?

    I liked her on the LPGA tour and i wish her well...

  3. because there are 32 MLB teams with at least radio crews plus all the NFL and NBA and NHL announcers - you figure there have to be a few good ones scattered through all those teams. Good ones in other sports are as rare as good ones in golf.

    I really miss guys like Harry and Skip Caray, John Madden, and Johnny Most. Guys who could call a game without inane statistics. And Madden could look at an offensive set and tell you where a play was going before it happened and why...not 20/20 hindsight telling me what I just saw.

  4. Add Joe Buck and Vin Scully to that. Yankee fans might mention Red Grange, though he was a radio guy.

    I think she had been instructed to be a little more edgy like Johnny Miller is. Thing is, that detracts from the coverage in my mind. A guy like Ben Wright or Peter Allis could "call out" a golfer ten times better because they weren't personally insulting the way Miller is. Dottie is becoming too much like him in my opinion.

  5. Also - Court, no sympathy for Dottie -- she knew what she was getting into, but at the same time I can see how someone would tire of it and if they have the means, cut back to a somewhat more normal life.

  6. Dear XXX Golf Channel, (as Court so eloquently types)

    I'm available. Sure it might be a bit tough with the kids, but we'll figure something out. I only laugh at my own jokes when they are funny. I'm think I know how far tour guys hit the ball. Sand wedge 120-140 yards?

    Do you have a problem with me singing on air? They are all original golf-related songs. BTW, I'm so fresh no one will even know who I am.

    I need to be able to play golf a lot since I still intend on making Big Break some day. If this job will disqualify me than I'm taking my name out of the running.

    How cool would it be to hire someone who has only been play golf for 3.5 years! Come on XXX Golf Channel, I dare you!


    Heather XXX Jones

    PS Honestly, I didn't mind Dottie, but I have a serious problem with the duds on Big Break. LOVE the show, but I can't make it through because I fall asleep listening to the hosts. Almost like a lullaby.

  7. No doubt on he names you added to the list - they were just the first few that popped into my mind. Who will ever forget Ernie Harwell (Detroit Tigers) and Harry Kalas (Phillies) ? Among UGA fans, Larry Munson will always be the voice of the Junkyard Dawgs.

    And MAN are you right about Ben Wright and Peter Allis. (did you know that "nice putt, Alice" when a putt is left short ISN'T "Alice", but "Allis" ? Yep - Peter Allis used to get on himself, and the phrase took a life of its own)

    lol Heather. why not, right ?

    Unfortunately, you're right about how Vince Cellini and Stephanie Sparks get edited on Big Break shows. The hosts have been slowly edited down over the years - now they just describe the game and get a few whispers now and then to reset the scores. But Vince is a really funny guy when he is allowed to talk, and would make a pretty good tournament host. Stephanie Sparks is the best woman on staff - it's a shame she doesn't get used more. She's a lot like Steve Sands - a great talker and interviewer who loves the game and has a lot of fun with it. Unfortunately, the Big Break hosts' job got whittled down thanks to Stina Sternberg, who talks like the computer voice from Star Trek. She was a terrific editor, but lacked energy in the voice - now Vince and Stephanie have been all but edited out.

  8. oh wait - you said JOE Buck. JACK Buck, his father, is who I was thinking of. Not a big fan of the son - but wow - Jack could call a game.

    His "I can't believe what I just saw" call on the Kirk Gibson home run in the World Series is an all-timer.

    So many of the sons are professional voices, but lack the color and excitement their fathers had.

  9. LOL, Court, you are SO right. It is JACK that I was thinking of. May as well have said Joe Nicklaus.

  10. Some of those golf channel guys - I don't even know their names, but they're the ones who sit around rehashing everything ad nauseum)- they're just so out of touch, and they look like exactly what one would think of as the old-fashioned, elitist unappealing golfers of the old days. I'd prefer Dottie Pepper and even loudmouth Johnny Miller.


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