November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

It's Thanksgiving Day here in America, a day for feasting, family and football. Later tonight, there's some golf on TV too, but that's not the point of the day: it's a day we set aside to give our thanks for the good things in our lives. For even those who are having tough times, if they think about it, they can find things that they're grateful for, and for those of us for whom life is in a better place, we shouldn't have to think long before we find positive things in our own situations.

From a golfing standpoint, I'd like to give thanks that I'm lucky enough to play a game that's interesting, fun, and also gives me a chance to measure myself against friends and strangers in a friendly way.

I'm thankful that the same game helps me get some much-needed exercise and time away from my desk and the stresses of the day-to-day rat race.

I'm thankful for the fresh air, the sunshine and seeing wildlife out on various courses. Golf helps remind me of the wonders of our planet, something we all too often take for granted. I've seen the fastest animal on the earth - a Peregrine falcon - looking for a capturing his dinner. I've shared a green with a huge whitetail deer. I've seen several Pileated woodpeckers - the big red-headed ones - in all their glory. I've even seen a snapping turtle that was easily two feet across sunning greenside. They are wondrous things, and don't pass them by.

I've met some of the best people I know playing golf. My friend Leo, who lives on the other side of my neighborhood, is one of the most solid people I know. He's always good for a laugh, and he's always fun to play a round of golf with. Leo is currently $1 up in our never-ending Nassau, and I plan to win that buck back from him this weekend. He no doubt plans to add more to his riches. No wallets are harmed, really, it's just something to joust about as we play. Leo and I met playing golf, and now our wives are friends as are we.

I've met some of the best folks on the Internet after I decided to start blathering about the game I love here. Court, Vince, Patricia, Heather, Ryan and others - you are one of the best parts of my day. I'm thankful you're there, and hopefully one day we can tee it up and chase the white ball down to the rabbit hole.

And for those of you who read this blog but rarely or never comment, I am thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks is when you tell your hostess you appreciated her dinner. Gratitude is getting up and doing the dinner dishes. I have learned recently that gratitude is an action word. Don't tell me - show me...

    Great post, Charles. We share many of the same reasons to be thankful. Putting them in writing is gratitude. My AA sponsor made me write a list of things I should be grateful for and keep it in my wallet. Each year I update it. It's funny, the material things I was grateful for 15 years ago do not have the gravitas they had then and things I didn't even consider important are paramount in my life.

    I wish I could say I am grateful every day, but I cannot. Life gets in the way and old habits creep back in. I guess I am grate I am thankful. And, vice versa.

  2. "Golf helps remind me of the wonders of our planet"

    Very well said.

    {Warning: you'd probably be shocked and saddened if you ever did see me play} ;o)


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