November 23, 2009

Black Friday Golf Deals

After eating too much and watching boring football games comes the so-called holiday within a holiday, Black Friday: the day that retailers ostensibly reach the point of being profitable for the year (hence the name "black" Friday.) There will be more than a few deals for golfers out there too, and I thought I would pass a few of them along if you happen to have someone of your gift list in need of something new.

sales data from Michael Jamison at

Dick’s Sporting Goods
$10 off All Regular & Clearance Golf Shoes $59.99 or More;
25% off Entire Stock of Nike and Adidas Apparel;
Etonic Women's Lites Plus Golf Shoes - $29.99;
TaylorMade r7 Quad Driver - $299.99;
TaylorMade Rescue Mid Club - $99.99;
Walter Hagen WH22 Hybrid Club - $99.99;
$10 off All Golf Bags, Carts & Covers $59 or More;
$20 off All Golf Bags, Carts & Covers $109 or More;
Callaway Big Bertha Driver - $99.99;
TaylorMade R580 Driver or Fairway Wood - $149.99 w/ Free Golf Balls.

EBags.Com – 20 percent off Various TaylorMade-adidas Golf bags, backpacks, etc.

$25 gift card with purchase of $99 or more – code: EPS947GGC

48-Pack Golf Balls - $14.99;
Buys' Junior Dunlop Golf Set - $49.99;
Fathom Golf Set - $77.77;
Girls' Junior Golf Set - $39.99
30 percent off all merchandise – recycled golf balls, shoes, gps, head covers and more. -

Sports Authority
Callaway FTi Golf Driver - $119.99;
Juniors RAM G-Force 7-Piece Golf Set - $59.99;
Nike and Adidas Golf Apparel - 25% off;
Tommy Armour 855 Hybrid Iron Set - $149.99;
Tommy Armour Golf Apparel - 50% off;
RAM Memorial 14-Piece Golf Club Set - $99.99;
Men's RAM Laser 18-Piece Golf Club Set - $199.99;
Nike SuMo 5000 Golf Driver - $99.99;
Take $100 off Any Iron Set $425 or More;
Take $25 off Any Golf Driver $165 or More;
TaylorMade Itsy Bitsy Spider Putter - $89.99;
Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x 12-Pack Golf Balls - $39.99

Spend wisely. Me, I wouldn't hit the mall this Friday for anything. Nope, you will be able to find me on the golf course and then sitting in front of my brewing equipment knocking out a batch of Belgian Blonde Ale.


  1. I have come to feel sorry for businesses who fall into this trap thanks to media "analysis". If they don't clear every debt they have for the last 100 years on this one day of the year, they are an abject failure and might as well close their doors.

    Stop putting pressure on people to shop on one day and relax. People are going to shop for Christmas and Hannukah and whatever other reason. It doesn't all have to be done on one day...but the media in this country makes it sound like the world is coming to an end if everything isn't off the shelves a month before Christmas.

    No wonder we don't enjoy the holidays anymore.

  2. I agree with you completely about the myth and madness of "Black Friday." Listen to the news and one would believe that the fate of men and nations hinges on how much we splurge on gifts for our friends and loved ones.

    Me, I like to put thought into my gifts. Many of them cannot be bought in stores. For example, this year, I am treating some relatives and friends to a sixpack each of my beer, stuff I've crafted for myself for nearly three decades. They are always asking for some, and I hope they enjoy.

  3. There are undoubtedly some amazing deals listed here. Although I've often found that I can find a plethora of deals with similar prices (maybe just a hair more) by scouring the Web. The lack of stress is worth a slightly higher price... and isn't that what we love about golf anyways??


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