August 20, 2009

Yang Yong-eun Gets Call From South Korean President

How big was Y.E. Yang's win in South Korea? Big enough to earn a congratulatory call from the country's President:

Koreans Celebrate Over Yang's Victory

President Lee Myung-bak gave a call to Yang and conveyed his congratulations on his victory, which he said boosted Koreans' morale.

"I woke up early to watch the broadcast and you played well, in a calm manner," Lee told Yang, according to presidential spokesman Lee Dong-kwan.

"You have overcome hardships to earn a great victory. You boosted the Korean people's morale by winning the major event for the first time as an Asian."

And when Yang goes home, he'll be given a huge welcome by the Korean PGA, which said the organization is planning to hold a large welcoming ceremony for him.

Given South Korea's difficulties in the face of the global recession, its never-ending troubles with its northern totalitarian neighbor and the recent death of an ex-president, one can gain a bit of perspective from the president of the country taking the time to congratulate an athlete for his success.

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  1. How cool is that ? An overseas call from the president of your country ! I wonder if the adulation is going to be as much as it was for Se Ri Pak, who nearly had a nervous breakdown after spending time at home after her first big win.


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