August 26, 2009

The Next Big Break Will Be A Mickey Mouse Show

Comcast's Golf Channel has announced the cast and locale for its next season of Big Break. This time, they are staying close to home and the contestants will battle primarily at Walt Disney World's Magnolia and Palm Courses.

The show then takes a page straight out of the cross-marketing playbook for alphabet network company, ABCDESPN (ABC/Disney/ESPN), and will hold several challenges in the Disney theme parks:
"Utilizing the unique venue, Big Break Disney Golf’s challenges also will take place at various locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, including Main Street U.S.A., Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex and the Walt Disney World Speedway."
PGA Tour players will make several cameos, and undoubtedly, so will several of Disney's personalities.

Perhaps even Lauren Brooke, the glamor model and TNA wrestling interviewer who hosts Golf Channel's Top 10 shows as Lauren Thompson will make an appearance. Okay, I made that up, there's no mention of her being on the show, although I suspect that 12 young 20-something male golfers would not object.

More seriously, this time around, the contestants will be competing for a spot in the 2010 Children’s Miracle Network Classic, marking the first time the Big Break winner will play a Tour event on the same course the show was shot at.


  1. any chance they'll be competing in costume as their favorite Disney character ? I'm pulling for Goofy !

  2. You know this is Arnie's home, too! Maybe an appearance from the 'King' on his birthday (September 10th) will add to the golf glamor.

  3. Costumes, I love it. I'm with Court, but I'd pick Tigger.

  4. Tigger and Pooh (et al) are under the Disney flag ? I didn't know that.

  5. I'd go as Pinocchio. He has a nose for the game, and keeping score.


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