August 20, 2009

Sam Snead's Swing Thoughts

Being that this is the week that the PGA Tour stops in Greensboro, Sam Snead comes to mind. He won eight times in Greensboro, still a PGA record.

Snead was described as having had a perfect golf swing, and indeed, in his younger days, he could drive the ball 300 yards off of the tee -- and that was long before high-tech 460cc drivers and modern three piece golf balls, all built with space-age materials. Self-taught, Snead's swing was a thing of beauty to watch, and his philosophy on how to do it priceless:


  1. I'm going to go hit some balls barefoot today. I can't wait for others to ask me what I'm doing. I will tell them, "Following some advice I got from Sam Snead."

    Great video. I will use it as I try to become a single handicap.

  2. ok - I don't like Sam Snead anymore ! Geez - I think he made this video after watching me hit balls. :-)

    Nice find on the video.

    (lost count at 15 clicks - one word confirmation and still haven't put in my password)

    (past 30 - still haven't been asked for my password)

  3. I am still astonished Sam could kick the top of a 7 foot doorway up until he was seventy years old. I couldn't do that at 17,27,37 or any seven.


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