August 4, 2009

Club Throwing NC Golfer Ends Up Getting Stabbed Buy His Own Stick

A Waynesville, NC prep school golfer ended up in the hospital after an on-course tantrum ended with his own club buried six inches deep in his abdomen. The player, Taylor Gardner, had serious blood loss, emergency surgery and on a ventilator -- but can expect to recover fully.'s story:

"Taylor hits a bad shot, he gets mad, slams his club against the cart, the club breaks in half and stabs him in the stomach," [fellow foursome member Clark] Rose described.

"The broken club went about 6 inches into Taylor Gardner's stomach, then pierced his intestine.

"Hayden Gardner, Taylor's brother, saw what happened. "It kind of, like, wrapped around and just shot straight at him," he said."
With a pierced intestine, and the incipient risk of potentially fatal infection that goes with that sort of injury, Gardner is lucky to be alive. Hopefully, the young man heals well and only has a scar to show the lesson he's surely learned.


  1. WOW ! Has anybody forwarded this article to Tiger ?

    I know that there were club throwers and bangers before Woods showed up, but you start to wonder about kids behaving this way growing up in the Woods era.

  2. You stole my line Court...maybe we'd get lucky though and a Tiger club snap would just whack Stevie in the gums so he couldn't be quite as lippy.


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