August 7, 2009

Man Waits Forty Years For First Hole In One, Gets Second the Same Week

It is said that patience is usually rewarded, and for Al Beyer of Rochester, Minnesota, his patience on the golf course was paid for doubly: after forty years of golfing, Beyer recorded his first and his second holes-in-one in the same week and on the same hole:
"[Beyer] did so on the seventh hole at Meadow Lakes [golf course], using an 8-iron on the 105-yard par three.

"He was playing with his wife, Karen, and two friends, Norm and Jan Helgren.

"Being 62, I don't have good eyesight anymore,'' he said, "and I had no idea where the ball had gone. We drove around the hole and didn't see the ball, and I think it was Norm who finally found it in the hole."

Unlike a lot of folks who falsely claim masterstrokes of good fortune with hole-in-ones, Beyer's story is almost certainly the real thing because it checks out fifty ways to Sunday, and that makes him one of the luckiest golfers in the world. Sports Illustrated claims that the odds of getting a hole-in-one checks in at one in sixty-seven thousand, which is only slightly better than the chances of getting a date with a supermodel -- which comes in at 88,000:1. And the chances of getting dumped by the same supermodel? Probably 1:1.

Roughly calculated, the chances of getting two holes-in-one are 1:4,000,000. In other words, not very likely.

No word on whether Beyer plans to buy a lottery ticket this week. Were I him, I might buy three.


  1. Don't show this to Ryan at Waggle Room. He wants an Ace so badly there is no telling what he would pay or do...

  2. What a great story! When I had my hole-in-one I half expected to get to the green and see the ball sitting behind the pin or something.

    I was glad I had witnesses since my hubby and son didn't believe me. My daughter did tho!


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