January 8, 2010

Golf On Ice...Looks Like a Great Way To Chill Out

Glancing outside my window here in the sunny south, I see bright blue sunny skies and no snow.  But before you think I might be heading out to the links for a quick nine before dark this afternoon, I should also add that it is 30°F with a stead 20 MPH breeze.  Not exactly normal stuff here in the winter, and definitely not the sort of weather that makes one think up an excuse to leave work early.  Nahhh, I think today I will stay indoors and watch the pros enjoy the fair trade winds and green grass of Hawai'i.

Other folks have different ideas, however, and winter golf in even more extreme conditions seems to be catching on.  Up in New Hampshire, for instance, there is a winter golf tournament that looks like it would be a blast to play in:

Pawtuckaway Open Charity Ice Golf and Chili Bowl
[We] set up a nine hole course on the lake. We use an ice auger to dig holes that are usually a couple of inches deep and about three times the diameter of a normal golf cup. The course is about the same length as nine holes on a grass course and takes approximately the same amount of time. Greens Fees are $20.00 -- that includes golf, chili, and a players gift. [...] The event is held rain, snow or shine.
Judging by their 2009 tournament pictures, it looks like a good time was had by all, and that's the point of golf, no matter where it is played.  That's the sort of thing that could get me to don three pairs of woolen long-johns and drag my sticks onto a frozen lake.  It would probably be a lot more fun than the frozen tundra I call my home course!

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  1. That looks like sooo much fun. I'm trying to find out if they're doing it this year. If so I'll try to make it. Golf + Chili + NH = Awesome!


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