January 11, 2010

Changes Are Coming To Old Man Par

About eight months ago I started writing the Old Man Par website almost on a whim, and when I set it up, I deliberately chose a free blog provider so that I wouldn’t have to do a lot of work to get things rolling. Since I do that for several other blogs, and also as a part of my professional life, I wanted simple and easy.

At the time, I wasn't sure I was going to make OMP a blog that would last in the long run. After all, with writers like Vince Spence, Patricia Hannigan, Heather Jones, Ryan Ballangee, Neil from Armchair Golf and others already in the game, there was no guarantee I would have much unique or all that interesting to say. Those folks are just that damned good, and I am not blowing sunshine sugar kisses - I honestly have that much respect for them. To a person, each of them love golf and it shows day after day on their respective sites.

Anyhow, after roughly eight months now, it appears that I have been able to carve out a tiny sliver of worth in the golf blogosphere, and now it’s time to grow up "Me and Old Man Par" and move into a house of its own, so to speak. Over the holidays, I worked on that, and pretty soon, the site will be leaving Blogger and moving into its own domain full time. In fact, I've already set up most everything and have just the little things to do before that happens.

If you would like to take a look at my new site, feel free:

Me And Old Man Par

And let me know what you think.  If you already have the ability to comment here you can do so over there, as the login for comments use several different ways like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, etc. in order to access the commenting area.  I figured that it would be easier for everyone to do it that way.


  1. It looks *really* good, Charles!

  2. Impressive Charles! Now I feel like a slouch. Will you come do my site?


  3. That's awesome Charles. I wish I had your tech savvy. BTW I don't mind sunshine sugar kisses at all.

  4. I like the "old school" simplicity of this page - but the new page looks REALLY SHARP ! Good work...but where are the bikini spokesmodels you promised ? :-)

  5. BTW, don't forget to post the date you officially change from this blog to the new one. I'll want to update my blogroll.


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