January 9, 2010

A Biodegradable Golf Ball

This seems like a good idea, but I doubt that the senior managers at Titleist are losing sleep over this new product:
 What if you like to play golf on the beach, on a cruise ship or from your boat? Well, now you can do exactly that without littering, but feeding the fish instead. The Ecobioball is a 100% biodegradable, non-toxic golf ball that you can use to play real golf on the water, full swing! The use of plastic golf balls is illegal near water due to the waste it leaves behind.

I've seen folks pounding golf balls off of a cruise ship, and when I visit our coast, from time to time I will bring a few old balls and a couple of wedges and work on my sand game.  After all, a beach is long bunker and it can be entertaining to hit sand shots for a while...and a good way to practice.

For the folks hitting drivers off of the deck ship, well, I can see why the cruise ships would want them to hit a biodegradable ball.  While I doubt that cruisers are going to cover the bottom of the sea with old balls, there's no reason not to hit a ball designed to break down and leave no trace.

I'm not sure I would buy a biodegradable ball for my weekends on the shore, however, because I always take home with me what I bring when I hit the beach.  Maybe growing up for several years on a Florida beach taught me this, but I detest littering and personally I throw my trash away and carry the rest with me.  As such, I have little need for a biodegradable ball.  I can, however, see how folks who might like to whack a ball into the surf might want to pick up a few of the "fish food" balls.

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  1. Fun idea! If the Ecobioball need someone to take a cruise and try out their balls, I'm willing and ready.

    Glad to see you back Charles.


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