December 31, 2009

I Resolve in the 2010 To....

New Year's Eve is the last day of the decade, and tomorrow begins a new one. Instead of looking back, however, I am going to look forward, and as many of us do, I am going to make the usual resolutions. Unlike many of us, however, I am going to make them happen, mainly because I plan to make them reasonable and attainable goals.

I won't bore you with the tedious personal ones, yes, I want to get into better shape, eat right and all of that. We all do and we all work at it constantly (if we are smart.) So instead, I will share you the short list of my golf goals for the year:

  • Mainly, I resolve to have fun playing golf and to not let the ups and downs of this crazy, wonderfully stupid game get inside my head

  • I resolve to finally stick to the pre-swing routine that sets me up to hit a good shot.

  • I resolve to practice six foot putts over and over and over so that from there in, they become nearly automatic.

  • I resolve to practice shots from the rough, from sand, from sidehill, downhill and uphill lies so that I can hit them with more confidence. I don't practice them enough.

  • I resolve to use the driver I have (a Taylor Made R9) and not be seduced into believing I will be a better player if I try to buy my game. (personal note to my wife: you're welcome)

  • I resolve to play Pine Needles from the US Women's Open tee markers and Pinehurst #2 in the spring. And if the numbers start adding up towards triple digits (and they probably will) I will quit scoring and just enjoy the day.

  • I resolve to take my 72 year-old Dad out to "caddy" for me when I go, because he would enjoy it. He can ride in the cart and make jokes about my game and we'll both laugh.

  • I resolve to only give golf advice to my wife when she asks. I rarely butt in anyway, but the worst teacher for a novice woman golfer is her husband.

  • I resolve to not put any stars beside any wins any player on the PGA Tour has while Tiger Woods hides from his troubles and refuses to pay the piper for his sins. He did that to himself and no one else should carry his burden.

  • Finally, I resolve to thank my lucky stars for each and every day I get, and for all of my friends. Never take those things for granted, ever. So, Spank-o-saurus, you might beat me from time to time on the back 9 here at Eagle Ridge, but you can bet next time it might not happen. And we'll have fun trying to out-do each other. That's all that matters at the end of the round anyway.


  1. Not really anonymous -- I am Old Man Par's wife and can't remember my login, but I will next time ...

    Thank you for bullet points 5 & 8, my dear. Looking forward to playing golf with you in the coming year, once my back allows. Here's to a great 2010!

  2. Good list - but promise us that the preshot routine you pick WON'T be a copy of Jim Furyk's ! :-D

  3. Great list. I hope you are using that voice/text thingy and letting your hand rest!(I'll stop now, I think I'm starting to sound like your Internet mother ;o)

    I could add several of your resolutions to my list too, but that would make it longer and harder to stick to.

    Happy New Years!

  4. I can tell a person who loves golf. And you be him...

    Happy New Year, one-finger typist...Get well soon.

  5. Put a keg in your golf bag.

  6. That's an awesome list of resolutions. I even added a couple of them to my long list. Tried to get my husband to add #8 to his but he just looked a me quizzically.


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