September 11, 2009

Phil Leaning Towards Playing In President's Cup; Amy May Come Along

The World's #2 golfer seems to be on board the US team for the upcoming President's Cup matches at Harding Park in San Francisco, October 6-11.

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that
Phil Mickelson, unable to commit to the event because of his wife Amy's breast-cancer treatment, is leaning toward playing in San Francisco. He also might bring Amy, who hasn't made a public appearance since her diagnosis in May.

It's wonderful news that Mrs. Mickelson's health has improved to the point where she may be able to accompany her husband and also withstand the inevitable media scrutiny that would come along with her making a sustained public appearance. Cancer treatment ravages one's body and spirit, and for Amy to even consider coming to San Francisco with Phil is a very good sign for her indeed.


  1. That's great to hear. Glad she's feeling good enough to travel a bit. Maybe that will help Phil concentrate a little better, too.

    My buddies and I always said that the Tour needed to hire Amy just to hand out the winner's check every week. Who wouldn't want to watch that ? :-)

  2. Unlike many wives, Amy stays outside the ropes and does the whole eighteen with fans. That is at 5-6 miles up and down hills. She didn't have a lot of meat on her bones to begin with and, you are 100% right, the big "C" is brutal on the body and you are left weak for months, even after the treatments are done.

    I bet if she had a little booth and was selling pink bows for $100 a pop, she would sell thousands of them for charity.

    Neat lady.

  3. It's good to see Phil back between the ropes. I know that Amy's cancer has had to have weighed heavily on his mind the last few weeks.

    Seeing her out following him at the Presidents Cup would be inspirational.

  4. But but will she be able to attend while still likely recovering AND still conduct their wild 'swinging lifestyle' stuff, while simultaneously keeping Phil from banging local strippers?

    At least...I'm pretty sure I read that on a blog somewhere. So it must be true.


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