September 21, 2009

East Lake Closed After Heavy Rains Over The Weekend

A deluge of near-Biblical proportions struck the Atlanta area over the weekend, forcing the East Lake Country Club, site of this week's Tour Championship, to close today.

While East Lake area escaped the worst of the heavy rain - they received only about 5 inches - forecasters are calling for continued locally heavy downpours in and around metropolitan Atlanta with up to an additional 5 inches possible today alone. As much as 24 inches of rain fell on counties west of the city since Sept. 18, leading to flooding and two deaths.

East Lake, about five miles east of downtown Atlanta, escaped most of the heavy rain. More storms may come each during the upcoming week, according to local forecasters. ThroughSunday, forecasters are calling for between a 30-60% of continuing shower and storm activity, giving residents and PGA Tour golfers alike little relief.

(pictured: screen capture of the 9/21 3:10pm weather radar for metro Atlanta)


  1. Where did you see a forecast for today calling for that much rain ? The biggest storms went through yesterday (Sunday) and are easing up quite a bit today. (I actually had to squint when out for lunch !) :-)

    East Lake does have sub-air under all the greens, so they are in excellent condition, but the rest of the course needs a couple of days to dry out.

    Mowers haven't been on the course since at least last Thursday when all this stuff started. I would count on lift-clean-and-place at least Thursday and Friday, possibly all four days.

    Pretty miserable around here - let me tell you. I got almost 10" of rain at my house since Thursday.

    Of course - as soon as I say that things are lightening up, the sun disappears, the rain starts, and there is thunder in the distance.

  2. If you're interested, Todd Rhinehart (executive director of The Tour Championship) will be handling some of the Twitter duties this week.

  3. Court - Bloomberg News was the source of forecasts of up to 5" more rain.

  4. Luckily - they won't get that one right. It doesn't look like we'll get more than an inch or two today and tonight. Not that it matters, everything is saturated. Any new water just runs off into the streets and hopefully into a relatively safe runoff area.

    Whoever invented the sub-air system deserves a lot of Christmas cards !


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