September 16, 2009

$50 For A Golf Towel? People Have Paid That For an Amino Vital Club Wiper

Most of us take our golf towel for granted. Sure, we might have a special or a favorite one -- I've got a well-worn towel from The Masters, and another unused from the 1999 US Open, but other than that, this sometimes vital golf accessory is one or the other that I've gathered up through the years. When it gets dirty, I change it out, toss it in the wash and don't think about it again until the towel gets covered in mud once more.

I've never really thought of them as collector's items, but apparently that's not true of everyone. Some folks have paid fifty bucks or more (plus shipping and handling) on EBay for an Amino Vital towel, something that's taken on a bit of a cult status item. That's probably because the majority of PGA golfers carry an Amino Vital towel on their bag displaying their usage of the product. That practice that became widespread after Stewart Cink began using Amino Vital and ravedthe product and aided his performance. More than 180 Tour pros currently use Amino Vital including the past three Master's champion and Y.E. Yang, the current PGA Championship champ.

(pictured: an actual E-Bay lising for a used towel.)

Now the Amino Vital folks are offering a pretty neat contest to go along with the upcoming President's Cup - with prizes ranging from a week long pass for four to the Cup events to one of only 500 of their version of the President Cup's towel. That's for third place, and presumably not the grand prize.


  1. I wouldn't call $50 for that towel dirt cheap. I'd just call it dirt.

  2. It's amazing how far these people have come in just a couple of years. Good for them !

    Two years ago, I tried to interview one of the AV guys on the range at East Lake (Tour Championship). He acted like I was trying to accuse him of doping - everything was super secret.

    Apparently, a lot of Tour players think it has benefits...aside from a few extra bucks for using the towel. Maybe they'll be willing to talk this year. :-)


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