June 24, 2009

The Ultimate Golf Room? With Lynni Megginson Designing It, I'm Sure It Will Be

Washington DC interior designer-extraordinaire Lynni Megginson is a dear friend of ours, and she's embarked on a project that most golfers would consider to be the ultimate addition to their home: a golf room in the CharityWorks GreenHouse, a project in McLean Virginia that will feature the best practices in Green Design for sustainability. According to the EPA, 43 percent of carbon emissions - the leading source of greenhouse gases - are created by residential and commercial buildings, and the GreenHouse will be be the first in the DC area that has zero. The private initiative will create a home that will eventually be sold at market.

Without any exaggeration or hyperbole, Lynni is rapidly becoming a superstar in the design world. Her work is found in the finest homes in the DC area, and she's a featured magazine columnist and guest on television shows like "Good Morning America." Regarding the CharityWorks design, she says that
'We’ll be installing a 150K HD simulator that enables you to tee off at any major course in the world from the comfort of your home. Our design vibe, however, will be more 'retro' as opposed to 'traditional pro shop.' This is the golf room that Dean Martin would have had in his house!'
I'm told that the simulator makes the new Tiger Woods game on the Wii platform pale in comparison. We'll have to see about that, as the new Wii/Woods game is getting rave reviews, but of course, it costs a couple magnitudes less money, so one would have to think that maybe the simulator going in the GreenHouse will have the edge. One thing is for sure -- it will be in an awesome setting.

The CharityWorks GreenHouse opens to the public in October.

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