June 11, 2009

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Ex-Con Ex-Wife Spurned

In the 17th century, playwright William Congreve wrote these timeless lines:

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."

For John Daly, his estranged wife Sherrie is living out Congreve's truths while he plays in Memphis this week. In an article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal, she pleads her case by denying that she stabbed John two years ago, and that he's not the nice guy that everyone believes he is.

Standard bitter ex fodder, one would think, and one might even be sympathetic to her unless they look at the person saying it: Sherrie Daly is an ex-convict who recently pulled a five month stint in jail for her involvement in a drug ring and illegal gambling operation.

At the time, according to USA Today, prosecutors said the two-time major champion didn't know about his wife's activities, which took place between 1996-02.

Among other things, Sherrie Daly is not happy that she has a temporary restraining order preventing her from attending this week's tournament, and she claims it is not because she wants to follow her ex, but a friend instead. "If I want to follow Doug Barron, well, he's a friend." she says in the Memphis paper, "but I assure you, the last thing I want to do is get involved with John and his mistress."

Later in the article, she adds ""I'm so sick of this good guy image, this sweet guy who just loves kids and is so good to charity," Sherrie said. "If you're this nice guy, and you care all about these stranger kids and now you're wearing pink pants for Amy Mickelson, how come you have ..." which reporter Geoff Calkins says a lurid and embarrassing tale (for John) of their marriage follows.

Daly and his lawyer are forbidden by the courts to comment on the matter. If they even want to.

One has to wonder if Daly, who is working hard to leave his past behind, would have anything to say in any case. While it is impossible to escape one's past, the choice remains as to whether or not one wants to relive it, and it would seem from this year's results that John Daly has chosen not to do that. The past, after all, belongs mostly to lessons learned and hopefully once he leaves Memphis he will find quieter times where his former wife is concerned.

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