June 10, 2009

A poweful stroke seen on the golf course last night...

It never ceases to amaze me how folks continue to play golf in the face of an approaching thunderstorm. Last night, in the gloaming of dusk, a storm approached, yet folks continued to finish out their rounds before calling it a day. Me, I love the game, but I love life even more than that, and the idea of sticking a highly conductive metal rod high in the air in the middle of field of grass and into the face of a thunderstorm makes less than zero sense to me. That could turn the fairway into the Green Mile quite unexpectedly, and before they realize it (literally) some careless folks may well be playing the last golf shot they will ever play.

After the sun set, the storm drew on top of us and put on quite a show. I decided to sit on the front porch (well protected, thanks) and take a few pictures of it. Lightning is very easy to photograph with a little knowledge and the right equipment, and I have both -- being a professional photographer and all -- and I got this shot. Over the tree is the 18th fairway, and believe you me, I wouldn't have been out there for anything:

For a full-sized view of this stroke from the sky, take a look here: link

Finally, here are some common-sense lightning safety tips for golfers.

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