October 16, 2009

It's Celebrity Vs. Celebrity Verbal Violence In Latest Tiff Over Trump's Scottish Links Plans

There's nothing like celebrities, no matter how minor, joining in and lending their fame to one side or the other of a given debate. And it's happening in the latest dustup regarding Donald Trump's planned Trump International Golf Links in Scotland.

In one corner:
"Tilda Swinton, everyone's favorite Bjorkian actress, she of the multiple lovers and fantastic androgynous looks, has joined a campaign in Scotland to fight Donald Trump's latest venture: a multi-million dollar golf course.

"She has added her name to a petition to support four residents who have been fighting Trump since the project was introduced."

And in the other corner - The Donald trumps Swinton by playing the celebrated actor Sean Connery card:
"I have the support of Sir Sean Connery and this very small group of dissidents have Tilda Swinton -- I'll take that deal any day," Trump said in a statement. As to Swinton's comparing the government attempt to condemn the holdouts' land to the "Highland Clearances" of the 18th and 19th centuries, when Scots were forcibly evicted to benefit rich landowners, Trump said, "Ms. Swinton's comments trivialize a tragic event in Scottish history. It's a shame that she would disgrace the thousands of Scots who suffered for her own personal gain and in order to get some easy publicity for herself."
Trump, of course, is not exactly shy when a reporter or television camera comes around to ask him about something he's interested in. He knows full well the value of getting his message across in the media.

What the residents of the areas affected make of all of this attention from the glitterati isn't known, but one thing is sure: Trump is going to build the course, he has the approval of the Scottish government to do so and little if anything is going to change that...no matter what celebrity chooses to get involved.


  1. I have no idea who Tilda Swinton is to be perfectly honest with you though I'm getting that she's a movie star. The fact that Donald Trump speaks of her so dismissively would indicate to me that she must probably do high-minded, thoughtful, intellectual type movies...as opposed to formulaic, Hollywood blockbusters. But that's neither here nor there.

    I think the folks from that particular area should join together with representation to get the maximum amount they possibly can for their land AND a legally binding commitment that strict environmental and aesthetic standards will be maintained and extensive infrastructure improvements will be made. As you say he'll ultimately get what he wants so it would be in the best interest of the resident to get the most out of it.

  2. The Donald is so often hard to like, but harder to hate.

    His 'nads drag the ground. His ego has no limits.

    Now, what can we do with that friggin' hair..??


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