October 8, 2009

Analyze Your Swing With a Smartphone App?

The marriage between smartphones and golf continues to yield dividends.

According to various sources Japanese company Fujitsu plans to offer a cell phone application that will analyze your golf swing, do some analysis and then offer ways to correct the problems. The program, "ETGA Golf Lesson" will be on sale in Japan later this year, according to the company. Fujitsu will not identify what phone the app will work with but it is a good bet that the large user base of iPhones will see the app sooner or later. That's because iPhones are already embedded with motion and acceleration sensors, and those sensors are integral to the user experience of iPhone users. As for price, no figures were mentioned.

To enable this application, Fujitsu co-developed a sensing technology that measuring body movements of a person carrying a sensor-equipped mobile phone.The Sensing Control Lab Company and the Hosei University in Japan was also involved. Tadashi Ezure, a player on the Japanese PGA, will be giving the resultant "lessons."

According to the company's press release:

Key Features of "ETGA Swing Lesson"

  • Measures swing by simply using a mobile phone clipped to the user's waist
  • By simply slipping the mobile phone into a carrying case and clipping it to the user's waist, the phone automatically recognizes and measures the swing.
  • Easy touchscreen operation
    The user responds to a series of on-screen prompts by touching the appropriate buttons to display measurements, feedback, etc.
  • Targeted advice based on the Ezure Method
    Users receive easy-to-understand, relevant advice in response to every swing. Images of Mr. Ezure appear in the application to give golf tips.
  • Tabulates swing results for each club
    Users can select from among three categories of clubs—drivers, irons, and short irons—and receive optimized swing analysis and advice for each.
  • Leverages user data
    Measured data is displayed on a graph to show trends and level of proficiency. After measuring and registering the user's best swing, it is possible for the user to compare each swing with his personal best.
  • Internet collaboration
    Data can be uploaded online, allowing for more sophisticated services.

    Mobile Online Services
  • In collaboration with Golf Digest Online Inc, Fujitsu plans to launch a "Golf-Swing Check Site" (tentative name) online service under "ETGA Swing Lesson".


  1. Aahh, this could be the advent of the seven-hour-round. Hit a shot. Take a lesson. Miss a putt. take a lesson...

    I can't say it here, But, Charles, you do know what the next great phone app will be, right?

  2. Wow that sounds amazing. The Japanese are so far ahead of us in cell phone technology and service. It's amazing what the can do with their phones.


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