March 31, 2009

A Tip Of The Lid To 'The Golf Girl' - Patricia Hannigan

Being an inveterate blogger myself (Statefans Nation and Red and White From State before that) I had often toyed with starting this blog, "Me and Old Man Par." I never knew if I would have the time to undertake another online enterprise, given that I am very active on SFN and also because I oversee its technical underbelly -- and given that the site enjoys thousands of active users each day and gets over three million unique visits a year, that can keep me pretty busy.

Still, golf is one of my true passions, and the one sport in which I am an active player. I also watch a lot of golf on television, after the weekend rounds, not to mention reading about it all of the time...something I have done throughout my lifetime. As it is with most of the things I have an intense interest in -- photography, music, sports and brewing beer, among others -- I also have my opinions and have never been too shy about sharing them. It's not that I think I am smarter than anyone else, instead, I just enjoy talking about the things I love, and listening to other folks attention too.

That led me to Google up "golf blogs" one afternoon, and I came across one that I have found consistently interesting and consistently excellent in its presentation: "The Golf Girl." Its writer, Patricia Hannigan, is an intelligent and erudite woman with a passion for the game that she shares on a wonderful site well worth the time it takes for a daily visit. That and she has an active Commentarium beneath her entries, something that always makes a blog worth reading.

In short, Patricia's work inspired me to finally put my own blog together, and hopefully, it will become half as interesting a place to visit as is hers.

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