March 31, 2009

If You Are A PGA Golfer, Never Say "Here Kitty Kitty!"

The World's #1 is officially back. Back as in he's going to take your candy, steal your girl's heart and beat you on Sunday, if you are a member of the PGA.

If Tiger can win on one leg, as he did in last year's US Open, can anyone seriously question whether he would take a long time to hoist a trophy once he was healthy and had shaken off the rust of not playing on the PGA Tour?

Tiger’s comeback in the Bay Hill Invitational was awesome, but in reality Sean O’Hair did everything he could to help him. O’Hair didn’t hit a fairway until the sixth hole or a green until the 10th, and then he settled down and made it a bit interesting until the 16th, when he sent his ball to sleep with the fishes.

Woods hurt himself on 17 with a somewhat weak iron while going for the hole (when the center of the green would have been good enough) and there we go to 18 at Bay Hill, a hole Tiger owns like no other.

You almost knew when they teed off that Tiger would birdie and O’Hair wouldn’t.

When they both landed in the fairway (it’s a three or five wood tee shot, I forget) you had to know what was coming next.

When Woods dropped his ball 15 feet closer than O’Hair and was within makeable birdie range, call the kids to watch some history, this tournament will be over in about three minutes.

That’s what makes Tiger great: when he needs a shot and especially when he needs a putt, he performs. Everyone else, Phil Mickelson included, you never know…but Tiger Woods is predictable.

The best part of that putt on 18 was the slo-mo replay that showed Tiger’s eyes when the camera flashes were going off. First they look like concentration, then wide-eyed hope and finally, with the ball about 5-6 feet away, celebration. He knew that putt was going a moment after he hit it.

If he tightens up his iron game just a little, expect him to get another Green Jacket in a couple of weekends. He’s back and his knee is close to 100%.

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