May 5, 2009

Pound The Picker Takes a New Twist at University of Colorado

It just never gets old, long after I grew up and became an adult...the old game of "Pound the Picker."

Bet you don't know that was the name of the game, but I bet you've probably played it out on the practice range. It's a maxim of golf practice to have a target, and nothing is more fun than firing at the ball-picker if it's out on the range scooping up balls. Hitting it is always hilarious, especially when you get a roof-banger -- a ball that drops on the roof of the picker and makes a loud noise letting everyone -- especially the poor driver -- know you hit your target.

The new home course for the University of Colorado's golf team has a ball picker painted red and white, with a Nebraska helmet on the roof and an "N" emblazoned on the front. The idea came from Colorado football Head Coach Dan Hawkins.

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  1. I used to play 'pound the awning'. I would slice it so far over the right fence I would hit the awning of the home in the adjacent yard. I think I was personally responsible for doubling the driving range's liability insurance.


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